Medical Debt Consolidation – What You Need to Know!

Enormous medical bills are something that can be tough to plan for.  The bottom line is that even if you have medical insurance a severe medical crisis can leave you with bills that are more than you can reasonably take care of.

When faced with a great deal of medical bills, you basically have four choices.  You can work with the healthcare provider to take care of them over time, you can inquire medical debt consolidation, you can try to negotiate your bills down (this works just like when you settle credit card debt), or you can file for a medical bankruptcy.  The first two options are much better choices than filing for bankruptcy.

Today we are going to review at medical debt consolidation...

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How can I do medical debt consolidation on medical bills?

There are various ways in which you can consolidate your medical bills. Medical bills are unsecured debts and thus can be included in your debt consolidation program. In order to achieve debt consolidation on medical bills, you can do balance transfer with the cards that you have used to pay for your medical fees. You can also tap your home equity, take out medical bill consolidation loan or hire a medical debt negotiator to negotiate consolidation on behalf of you.
Procedures through which you can consolidate
Before you consolidate your medical bills, you should be aware of the Medical Debt Relief Act, of 2010 that addresses the issue of medical debt in collections...

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Reduce Your Medical Debt-Negotiate and Dispute Your Unpaid Medical Debt

Negotiate and Dispute Your Unpaid Medical Debt -  Reduce Your Medical Debt    

It´s does not matter how superb your planning or budgeting can be, a medical urgency can be a uppermost burden in anybody´s life.
Even for those that have insurance, a prolonged stay in the hospital can build up a considerable hospital bill.
Pleasing news is that a hospital bill wouldn´t touch your credit, if it does not goe into collections.
The one and only bad news is that you can find yourself facing a hospital debt in the five or even six digit range if you get sick and you need care or even surgery.If you are in this position, recognize your options for keeping that money from crushing your financial health.
These are a few actions to reduce your medical debt:


Hospitals are regularly...

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5 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Medical Bills


5 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Medical Bills

In the world of medical billing, there is often room for negotiation. Hospitals and doctors will consider giving discounts, even on overdue medical bills. Try these five bargaining strategies.

 5 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Medical BillsFew people realize that in the murky world of medical debt billing, there is often room for negotiation. If you’re paying providers from your own pocket—because you have no insurance, have maxed out your insurance, or are seeking treatment out-of-network—it’s worth asking for a discount on services. Hospitals and doctors will sometimes consider accepting less than the full list price—after all, they routinely give substantial discounts when the payer is Medicare, Medicaid, or an insurance company...
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6 Tips to Clear Your Debt Before You Retire

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